Dear FIT family,


After a long hiatus from seeing one another, welcome back to campus! I am so excited to see all of your faces on 7th Ave and be able to collaborate with you all in person. As a senior, it is so rewarding to see my peers grow to accomplish all that they have, from the Runway 27 shows to the art galleries in the Pomerantz lobby. There will be challenges and bumps along the way, but most importantly, we will face them together and tackle these obstacles as a team. 


Remember that your student government works for you— we are here to support you in your endeavors at FIT and beyond. The pandemic has greatly affected all of us, from how we learn to how we live day-to-day. It is more important than ever for us to give strength to one another during this time. This academic year, I hope to plan even more initiatives that will give students the resources they need to succeed. From sustainability to diversity to mutual aid, there are a wide range of objectives that this year’s student government is eager to work on. I am so proud to be a part of this motivated team and promise that we will do everything in our power to make your FIT experience a great one.


As we pass one another in the hallways or bump into each other at Starbucks, I hope you will take the time to say hello and share your suggestions. One thing I have learned during my time here is the importance of participation. After all, we would not be the student government if we did not represent our students. Although I likely won’t be able to meet every single one of you, all of your unique voices collectively make our school what it is today and can be tomorrow.


I can’t wait to work with you all on a new generation of ideas, and I’ll see you all on campus!


Toni Ouyang




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