Due to the transition into online learning, the SGA has decided to hold virtual office hours on Google Hangouts. Simply click on the name of the person you wish to chat with during their designated times!


Sallie Haas, President (Wed 3-5pm)

Claire Anvelt, Vice President (Mon 12-2pm)

Dylan Rice, Chief of Staff (Thur 3-5pm)

Jackie Hanna, Director of Communications (Mon 1-3pm)

Vaidehi Bagrodia, Director of Finance (Wed 11-12pm)

Katherine Prior, Secretary of Academic Affairs (Thurs 11-12pm, Fri 12-1pm)

Ishani Shah, Secretary of Campus Affairs (Tues 11-1pm)

Amish Berry, Secretary of Career Exploration (Mon 11-1pm)

Delisha Parris, Secretary of Student Affairs (Wed 3-5pm)

Sydney Bigelow, Secretary of Sustainability (Tues 5-6:30pm, Thur 4:30-5:30pm)


Alisa Feliz, Senator for Residential Students (Tues 11-1pm)

Brenden John, Senator for Film & Media (Tues 1-3pm)

Casey Rosales, Senator for Animation, Interactive Media & Game Design (Mon & Wed 4-5pm)

Christian Concepcion, Senator for Visual Presentation and Exhibition Design (Fri 10-12pm)

Donna Burawa, Senator for Fine Arts (Mon & Tues 12-1pm)

Emely Maldonado, Senator for Technical Design (Tues & Wed 3-4pm)

Eric Siathone, Senator for Transfer Students (Wed 1-3pm)

Jasmine Velazquez, Senator for Fashion Design (Mon & Wed 1-2pm)

Joshua Stamler, Senator for LGBTQIA+ Students (Mon 11-1pm)

Kayley McCarthy, Senator for Clubs and Organizations (Thur 9-11am)

Kenyatta Cleveland, Senator for Direct and Interactive Marketing (Wed 12-2pm)

Kiran Usmani, Senator for FIT-ABLE (Thur 12-2pm)

Krystina George, Senator for Production Management (Mon 12-2pm)

Lianne Covington, Senator for Textile/Surface Design (Mon 2-3pm, Thur 6-7pm)

Massih Azad, Senator for Commuter Students (Tues 5-6pm, Thur 2-3pm)

Michele Sparrow, Senator for Textile Development and Marketing (Mon 12-2pm)

Natalia Mieses, Senator for Illustration (Tues 4-6pm)

Shameekia Johnson, Senator for Art History and Museum Professions (Mon & Tues 1-2pm)

Steven Molina Contreras, Senator for Photography & Related Media (Tues 11-12pm, Fri 1-2pm)

Tara McGuinness, Senator for Cosmetics and Fragrance Marketing (Mon 2-3pm, Tues 1-2pm)

Victoria Orlovskaya, Senator for Advertising and Digital Design

Victoria Selg, Senator for International Trade and Marketing (Wed 9-11am)