Fall 2021 FIT SGA Election Ballots

The Fall 2021 Elections are virtual. Each student has a custom ballot based on their major and other student classifications such as being a residential or commuter student. This ensures that students are voting specifically for the FIT SGA candidates that represent them. 

Ballots are available via FITLink, students must log in to FITLink to get access to their specific Fall 2020 FIT SGA Election Ballot. If you are experiencing any issues with your ballot, please contact Catlin Michael Wojtkowski (

Fall 2021 FIT SGA Ballot via FITLink
(Voting starts May 5 at 8:00am & Ends May 9 at 11:45pm)

To access your ballot, click the link above. If you are not currently logged into your FITLink profile, you will need to log in with your FIT credentials. Ballots will be available to all eligible voters during the dates below. 

FIT SGA Election Voting Days: Wednesday, May 5 - Sunday, May 9