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The FIT Student Government Association shall serve as the governing body for all full-time and part-time undergraduate students at the Fashion Institute of Technology. 

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Greetings, FIT Family,

With the turn of the calendar to Fall, I humbly welcome you all to the Fashion Institute of Technology. My name is Saumya Joshi, your Student Government Association President for this academic year. Like every aspiring student, I came to New York in 2019 to attend my dream school. On my very first day, I promised myself to make the best of my time here - to not fear the new, the strange, and to always push myself to do something I hadn't done before. Three years later, here I am, persevering to earn my bachelor's degree in Entrepreneurship and represent the entire student body of FIT. FIT is a place that I have deepened my love for as time has passed; thus, even though our screens may have been planted in different states and countries over the past two years, being back on campus as one community is truly exhilarating.

It is vital to understand that we may limit ourselves if we cling to the notion that FIT is just an area on a map rather than a group of people. Stated another way, we are selling ourselves short if we only think of FIT as a place — rather than a group of dedicated, talented students like you who make FIT the best fashion school in the world. If I could impress one thing upon the incoming class, it would be this: Your experience at FIT is what you make of it. Dive into one or several of the 64 clubs and organizations that speak to you. Curate your journey, but amidst the semester, don't forget to take a deep breath and reflect on why you came to FIT, who you want to be, and how you hope to grow during this incredible journey ahead of you. As members of the SGA, we are tasked with the duties of provoking a continuous train of thought, being the drivers of change and the conductors of the future. Thus, we hope you share with us any feedback -positive or negative - that you may have.


The entire Student Government Association and I are here to support you and help make your FIT experience the absolute best it can be. The students are the heartbeat of FIT, and in every initiative, we accomplish as the SGA, you students are our primary focus.


Please do not hesitate to reach out — I would love to be a part of your FIT journey as another advocate and friend. In closing, I wish you all the very best for the year ahead! As a former mentor of mine at FIT said, "Opportunities don't happen. You create them".

Kind Regards,

Saumya Joshi


We, The Student Government Association,

 recognize that it is our inherent duty to regulate, modify, and solve the concerns of the students of the Fashion Institute of Technology. Our responsibility is to sustain and foster the college’s commitments to the students, provide and encourage student representation, and enrich the student’s cultural, social, and physical well-being.


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