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Academic Affairs Committee 

Committee Chair

Elisa Vasquez, Secretary for Academic Affairs

Committee Members

Ruki El, Senator for Fine Arts

Brenna Pettepit, Senator for Fashion Design

Amanda Knight, Senator for Cosmetics & Fragrance Marketing

The subcommittees for the Academic Affairs Committee include:

  • Programs & Curriculum

  • Faculty & Administration

  • Academic Support Services

Programs & Curriculum

The purpose of the Program and Curriculum Committee is to promote that academic units are providing rigorous and adaptable academic programs and courses, experiential learning and innovative partnerships for all FIT students regardless of area of study or program.  

Faculty & Administration

The purpose of the Faculty and Administration Committee is to respond to student concerns related to faculty and administrators, additionally, this committee may be called upon to provide feedback and to serve on hiring committees for various search committees. 

Academic Support Services

The purpose of the Academic Support Services committee is to promote that academic support resources are meeting the needs of the FIT student body. Additionally, the committee shall serve as a  resource to the academic support services as it relates to gathering student feedback and input on resources offered and policy decisions that impact the FIT student body.

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