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Student Senate

The FIT SGA Student Senate is made up of elected representatives from each academic major, specific student populations; transfer students, international students, commuter students, residential students, clubs and organizations, as well as at-large senate positions representing the following topics; LGBTQIA+, gender equality, racial and ethnic equality, spirituality and religious equality, FIT-ABLE students and a health and wellness representative. 

Academic Major Senators

Academic Major Senators work on behalf of students studying in the major they represent and take the needs of these students into consideration when voting.


Student Population Senators

Student Population Senators include International Students / Commuter Students / Transfer Students / Residential Students / Club & Organizations & Health & Wellness. 

Identity-Based Senators

Identity-Based Senators are constituted by Gender Equality / LGBTQIA Students / Religious & Spirituality / Race & Ethnic Equality / Students w/ Disability.

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