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Career Explorations Committee 

Committee Chair

Mia Piazzi, Secretary of Career Explorations

Committee Members

Nawang Yutso, Senator for Racial & Ethnic Equality

Kathryn Devereaux, Senator for International Trade & Marketing

Sarah Eichenbaum, Senator for Communication Design

The subcommittees for the Career Exploration committee include:

  • Internships

  • Careers & Career Development

  • Alumni Engagement


The purpose of the Internships Committee is to promote that FIT is providing access to a variety of enriching and educational internship opportunities and to make sure that students have access to adequate resources related to the internship placement. 

Careers & Career Development

The purpose of the Careers and Career Development Committee is to promote that FIT is providing robust services to help students compete in today’s global marketplace and to match students and graduates with jobs that suit their interests, abilities, and goals.

Alumni Engagement

The purpose of the Alumni Engagement Committee is to promote that there is a direct link between FIT alumni and current FIT students and to ensure that networking, mentorship, and fellowship are encouraged between the two distinct student populations.

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