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Student Affairs Committee 

Committee Chair

Abby Caimano, Secretary for Student Affairs

Committee Members

Elizabeth Yu, Senator for Packaging Design

Kathryn Keller, Senator for Gender Equity

Kyrah Bailey, Senator for Spiritual & Religious Equity

The subcommittees for the Student Affairs committee include:

  • Co-Curricular Experiences

  • Activities & Programs

  • Health & Wellness

Co-Curricular Experience

The purpose of the Co-Curricular Experiences Committee is to promote that FIT is providing a co-curricular and holistic student experience through experiential learning opportunities, leadership positions and a robust series of programs and activities. 

Activities & Programs

The purpose of the Activities and Programs Committee is to promote that events and programs funded by the FIT Student Activity Fee are meeting the needs of the FIT Community. Additionally, the Committee has the responsibility to ensure that allocated funds are being used appropriately. In addition to monitoring events and programs funded by the SAF, the Committee will serve as a resource to any campus unit that programs for the FIT student body. 

Health & Wellness

The purpose of the Health and Wellness Committee is to promote that FIT is encouraging and promoting a holistic approach to student development and learning including resources, programs and services dedicated to a student’s health and wellbeing. 

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