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Executive Counsil

The FIT SGA Executive Council consists of the FIT SGA President, Vice President, and Chief of Staff. The Executive Council meets at least once a week to prepare for the President's Cabinet and FIT SGA Senate meetings. The Executive Council serves as the primary representative for the FIT SGA both internally and externally.

President's Cabinet

The FIT SGA President’s Cabinet is made up of the following elected FIT SGA positions; President, Vice President, Chief of Staff, Director of Finances, Director of Communications, and the following Secretaries; Academic Affairs, Campus Affairs, Career Exploration, Diversity and Inclusion, Student Affairs and Sustainability. 


Student Senate 

The FIT SGA Student Senate is made up of elected representatives from each academic major, specific student populations; transfer students ...

Judicial Branch

The purpose of the Judicial Branch is to ensure that holding members of the FIT SGA is a fair and consistent process.

The Judicial Branch only exists in the event that an official Censure is requested by a member of the FIT SGA. Outside of Censure submission, the Judicial Branch does not meet on a regular basis.


Standing Committees