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Election 2023/24 Results

To officially become a candidate for the Fall 2023 - Spring 2024 FIT SGA, all interested FIT students must complete the following form by Friday, March 24th. By submitting the form, you are giving permission to the Elections Committee to conduct both a GPA check and a student conduct check, as both must meet the criteria established in the FIT SGA Constitution. Late submissions will not be accepted. Candidates are required to provide complete and accurate information in the FIT SGA Candidate Packet. Any questions related to the FIT SGA Candidate Packet can be addressed to

**Please read before selecting the position that you intend to run for during the FIT SGA Election.
Candidates may only run for one position on the FIT SGA during an election period. There are elected positions both in the FIT SGA Cabinet and the FIT SGA Senate. You cannot run for both a Cabinet and Senate position.


For full job descriptions for each of these positions, please review the appropriate links: 

President's Cabinet Job Descriptions 

Student Senate Job Descriptions 

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