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Election 2023/24 Results

Congratulations to the newly elected members of the Student Government Association for the academic year 2023/2024. Your dedication and commitment to serving the student body will undoubtedly make a lasting impact.

Cabinet Members


President- Amanda Knight

Vice President- Ruki El

Director of Communications- Tasha Bwalya

Secretary for Academic Affairs- Elisa Vasquez

Secretary for Diversity & Inclusion- Makenzie Harding

Secretary for Sustainability- Isabella FitzSimmons

Secretary for Student Affairs- Abigail Caimano

Senator of Academic Majors:

Advertising & Digital Design- Elijah Hassan

Advertising & Marketing Communications- Shannon Higgins

Animation, Interactive Media, & Game Design- Tyler Hernandez

Art History & Museum Professions- Claire Quigley

Communication Design- Aditi Joshi

Cosmetics & Fragrance Marketing- Tabitha Gesslins

Fabric Styling- Yasmine Marcus

Fashion Design- Kira Cunningham

Film & Media- Haylie Lavin

Fine Arts- Sebastian Rice

Footwear and Accessories Design- Anika Blau

Graphic Design- Sonya Bakst

Home Products Development- Arryiana Gordon

Illustration- Alana Moy

International Trade & Marketing- Isabelle Rosa

Jewelry Design- Sanem Kara

Spatial Experience Design- Kelly Lo

Textil Development & Marketing- Haylie Payne

Senators of Special Interest Groups:

Senator for Clubs & Organizations- Lonnie Brown

Senator for Commuter Students- Jenny Lin

Senator International Student- Lakshya Lodha

Senator for Spritiual and Regloious Equality- Kyrah Bailey

Senate Members


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